VoiceRelease Massage


VoiceRelease Massage and Hypno Voice Massage, both ideal for your well-being as a singer. It is pure relaxation for voice and body, and boosts your musical activities in daily life.


VoiceRelease Massage is also a therapy to help you recover from tension in body, muscles, throat and larynx and your mind.


Singing is highly athletic and physically very demanding for the body, mind, muscles and your voice. If this highly demanding work leads to tensions and strained muscles it might induce you to adjust the position of your neck and pelvis. This can affect your breath capacity and management, and muscles, kept in a contracted position will shorten over time.

VRM releases and stretches all relevant muscles of the singing apparatus, and brings your body back into its natural position: VRM lets you sing with ease and released! 


Being intriguingly interested in the link and interrelation of the voice and body, I put my experience in singing and massage therapy into developing a unique massage treatment for singers called the VoiceRelease Massage or VRM:

VRM is pure relaxation for your voice and body and it boosts your musical activities and daily life.

My interest in massaging keeps me researching and refining on how I can use massage most effectively to benefit you as a singer.

With VRM, I combine this interest with my professional experience and knowledge as a singer and musician.


…and Luise

I began a music education as a trumpeter before following my passion for classical singing as a soprano. I used and use massage to keep my own voice and body in balance, or to help me to recover quickly after a stressful schedule, cold or illness.

However, it is not easy to find a massage therapist who understands a singers need and who can safely massage our throat and larynx.

So, I trained as a massage therapist in Berlin and Scandinavia, and studied and broadened my knowledge in various techniques, i.e. the voice massage used in Scandinavia as well as the manual voice therapy (MST) and also founded my own Festival and Opera Company.


Most importantly whatever I do in life: I love being a singer and masseur for singers & instrumentalist try always to keep smiling & enjoy life. 



“Danke Dir wieder einmal für Deine „Magic Hands“. Tat wie immer gut.”

- Rene Pape, Bass


“Ich habe Massagen von Luise erhalten und bin von ihrem Können und Sänger- Bedürfnis Verständnis sehr beeindruckt. Da sie selber Sängerin ist, kann sie sich in die Problematik und Verspannungserscheinungen sehr gut hineinversetzen. Ich möchte Luise sehr empfehlen!” 

- Barbara Bonney, Soprano


" Luise Breyer-Alton’s Voice Release Massage released tensions in me I didn’t even know I had. Especially my shoulders which felt decidedly released and flexible. One of the best massages I’ve ever had! "

- Laura Aikin, Soprano


“Not only do you really know what you are doing, but you also have „ the gift“! My body and my voice felt as thought I had had a two week holiday, not 4 solid months of battering from Wagner! You have a convert and I very much hope to see you again.”

- Lee Bisset, Soprano


“Luise has truly magic hands! I never thought that I would let anyone near my larynx – but you work wonders. Like someone else said, I only wish that I could start every day with a VRM – or at least pack you in my suitcase every time I go off to sing ;-) Thank you!!”

- Julia Melinek, Soprano


" Eine ausgebildete VoiceReleaseMasseurin zu finden ist nicht leicht. Für uns Sänger die in Berlin singen ist es jetzt ein Glück Luise Breyer-Aiton in der Nähe zu haben. Selbst ausgebildete Sängerin die uns Sänger verstehen und helfen kann!"

Camilla Nylund, Soprano


“The development and maintenance of an operatic voice is demanding discipline to which Luise Breyer-Aiton’s work can make an important and significant contribution. Her own increasingly active operatic career gives her an unusual insight into the singer client’s needs, both psychological and physical. I whole-heatedly recommend her work to everyone who seeks to capitalise on their own natural vocal gift’.”

- Richard Wiegold, Bass