Indemini is located in the breathtaking mountains above Lago Maggiore in the Veddasca Valley in Switzerland, a few meters away from the border of northern Italy. Indemini is an 8th-century traditional Ticinese slate village, hanging over the valley. It has been a smuggler’s nest between Italy and Switzerland for centuries, and had a new influx of artists in the early 60’s. It is a magic place, unlike anywhere in the world. Indemini is first mentioned in 1260 as "Indemine".


In the Middle Ages it was part of the Vicinanza of Gambarogno. In the 17th century there were disputes over alpine pastures and forest owned by the village cooperatives of the Valle Veddasca and the Malcantone. In 1752, these border disputes were resolved with the Treaty of Varese. In 1800, the Helvetic government considered exchanging Indemini for Campione d'Italia in the Cisalpine Republic. A vice-parish was formed in 1556 after they broke away from the parish of Vira. The church of San Bartolomeo, which is probably built before 1213, was expanded in the 17th century and renovated in the 19th century.


The village was isolated for most of its history. It wasn't until 1917–18 that a roadway was built on the Swiss side. A road from Italy wasn't built until 1964. The isolation helped Indemini to retain its rural appearance. In the past, the village economy relied on agriculture, but it declined in importance in the 1970s and 80s. During most of the year, the village is mostly abandoned, but in the summer season the population expands rapidly, especially during the Festival time. 




The Indemini Festival was a dream-come-true for me. The team was the perfect combination to diagnose my current vocal needs and set me on a path forward with renewed hope. Additionally, the beautiful setting in the tranquil mountains aided in the whole process. It is a rare to have this kind of effective support. Ms Charbonnet is a master of understanding vocal function and was able to help me surmount a long-standing barrier within the less-than two weeks. I appreciated how much she was in conversation with LBA, who administered VRM in the exact areas of need. I was very new to VRM, but after experiencing it during the festival, was astounded that such therapy isn't a part of every singer's routine. Nicola Rose's encouragement and enthusiasm as pianist and coach gave me the confidence to own my repertoire and step into my best self on the stage. Most effectively, we were offered a plethora of opportunities to sing publicly and integrate all that we were learning and experiencing-- in daily masterclasses and three concerts within the short period."  - Sangeetha Ekambaram (Soprano 2018)


„ For me every aspect was amazing, I really enjoyed my time there, learned a lot and the organisation was fantastic.

Luise is a truly gifted masseuse with a deep understanding of the physiology of the voice, after every session my voice feels so fresh and released!”  - Turiya Haudenhuyse (Soprano 2018)


„ … It was so brilliant to work to such a high and detailed level. Jonathan Ware was also very in tune with what Ms Charbonnet taught me, which was really fantastic.… „  

Jennifer Brisk (Mezzo-Soprano 2016,2018)


The Indemini Festival has been a very positive experience for me as a singer. My vocal approach improved so much in just a  few weeks of studying with the extremely knowledgeable and personable singer/voice teacher Jeanne-Michele Charbonnet. VRM masseur/singer Luise Breyer Aiton along with her assistant Kate were so helpful in releasing much built up tensions I have had over many years. The coachings with Nicola Rose were very positive and beneficial in finding creative choices  as well as  exploring new ways to express the music and lyrics of each aria/song. The masterclasses were especially inspiring, the IF team was supportive and positive as well as all the singers.  There was a wonderful feeling of trust and support, so that the singers were able to take risks with no fear. I noticed so much improvement from each singer after only one week, and the concert performances were wonderful!  I can highly recommend this festival for serious-minded singers looking to reach new levels of excellence in a very nurturing environment."

Patricia Holzmann (Soprano 2018)



The accommodation was also really nice - I did not expect my own room, but I was really grateful and I appreciated it. I think it is important, but It is not always given on these programs.

- Anna-Louise Costello (Mezzo-Soprano, 2016)


Everything was amazing - congratulations! Thank you so very much.

- Eric Petersen (Baritone, 2017)