Tuition fees & Information


In Indemini,  voice lessons, coaching, and VRM, Hypo Massage, Hypnosis for performers make up your daily routine. Master Classes are an integral part of our curriculum and are offered almost daily after individual instruction. Our philosophy includes the idea that immediate implementation of individual lessons in a safe and supportive group environment solidifies the work we are doing. The atmosphere of Indemini is therapeutic and healing, freeing participants to explore all aspects of their artistry. Also, the numerous concerts that take place during the weeks of the masterclasses help preparing the musicians for their future and enrich the cultural panorama of the region. 


The summer program will take place between 30 July - 6 August 2023. Around the course, there are concerts also with the participants as well as with artists and musicians from across the world, coming to perform and share their music with us in Indemini and the region.

The whole Festival takes place between 28 July - 6 August 2023.


VOICERELEASE MASSAGE (VRM), Hypno Massage , Hypnosis for performers and SELF-CARE WORKSHOP 

Artists at Indemini will have the luxury of multiple VoiceRelease Massages, Hypnosis and Hypno Massages as well as a special Self-Care Workshop. This is a unique aspect of the Indemini Festival and is offered on a daily base.



Are accepted by submitting an email (to: with your CV and a link to your video/audio recordings (dropbox or YouTube) until 30 March 2023. The audio/video does not need to be perfect. Important is it shows your voice well.


Early applications are encouraged, but we accept all applications until all positions are filled. The recordings (audio or video) should be private and unlocked for our viewing. It should include two arias/lied/songs of varying styles, demonstrating your technical and artistry.



The 1 - week summer course tuition for 2023 is CHF 2,350  A downpayment of CHF 350 is payable upon acceptance. Because Indemini Festival contracts faculty, housing, rehearsal facilities, and other rentals in advance of the festival, fees are non-refundable.



At Indemini Festival, housing and all meals are provided. Everyone has a private room and everything is within walking distance. We are thrilled to partner with the Comune di Gambarogno, Lunasole, and the village and the whole valley, to provide our artists with unique and beautiful accommodations.